Clockworks Entertainment is committed to presenting the best…..the best music, the best artists, the best teachers and the best music camp experiences.
Our camps are based on a simple philosophy: find a great location that is, in itself, inspirational…..bring in great teachers and performers who are enthusiastic, generous and encouraging…..create a sense of community and commitment to the individual…have a GREAT time doing it.
We want to create an environment that is conducive to learning and being open to new ideas, a place where it seems completely logical to “have a go” at a concept that’s a little “outside the box” and then see where it leads.
It’s also a great opportunity to network, make a few new friends who share the dream, and get to know one another (musically and personally) in a creative and accepting environment.

Tommy Emmanuel

Camp 2014

Dominic Miller


Tommy Emmanuel

Camp 2013

Sound of


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